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Um dia cinco estrelas (2023)

Um dia cinco estrelas (2023)
Genres: Comedy
Director: Hsu Chien Hsin

Giovane Correa, Danielle Winits, Nany People, Hugo Bonemer, Aline Campos, Estevam Nabote, Ed Gama, Bruna Aiiso, Emilio Farias, Clemente Viscaíno, Carol Bresolin, Carol Nakamura, Felipe Kannenberg, Vittor Fernando, Marcos Breda, Cris Wersom, Ida Celina, Lumi Kin …

Pedro Paulo decides to put his car on the street, an Opal from the 80s, and work as an app driver. What he didn’t expect was to pick up passengers who could turn his day around. Meanwhile, his wife Manuela wants to become a model employee at the store and become the next manager, but to do so she has to compete for the position with the ambitious Oswald.

Writers: Ricky Hiraoka, Cris Wersom
Country of origin: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Filming locations: Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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