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Meksika Açmazı (2023)

Genre: Comedy
Director: Alper Mestçi
Writers: Fazli Polat, Mesut Süre
Country of origin: Turkey
Language: Turkish

Film adaptation of the very famous Turkish local podcast show ‘Mexico Açmazi’. Three famous Turkish comedians Mesut Süre, AnlatanAdam and Fazli Polat discuss a wide range of everyday problems we face and look at the situation from very different angles. In the film, they get an offer for a carpet commercial in Cappadocia where Mesut also wants to meet up with his long-time cherished friend (Eda), hoping for a relationship.

Mesut Süre, Fazlı Polat, Anlatanadam, Ecem Çalhan, İsmail Aksoy, Duygu Kocabıyık, Nicholas Paul Facey.

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